About Antique Traders

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the antique and jewellery trade, having worked in a prominent auction house in Auckland. Our focus is sourcing high quality antiques to sell to shop owners of antique or jewellery shops.

We are always excited to find new things and hear new stories. We are in a sense professional treasure hunters. We are fully licensed to trade in Maori Artefacts. We Carry a second-hand dealers license and have been through all of the relevant police checks to obtain these licenses. Ours is a name you can trust. Combining our specialised knowledge and our passion for antiques trading we are always looking for unique items to buy and sell.

If you have a house full of unwanted items we can offer you a lump sum, we will also arrange for them to be collected, taking all of the stress off your hands! Or if you are looking to buy antiques contact us to find out what we can offer you.

For more information on buying antiques or selling your own items, take a look at our Buying Antiques and Sell Your Antiques pages.

If you would like about who we are and what we represent, or you have any general enquiries, dont hesitate to call us on 09 528 9791

Our Payment Plans

1. We can sell your belongings on behalf and take only 33% or 1/3 of sale price as payment. We do our very best to find the right place to sell your items to get the maximum price.

2. We pay for the items in cash or bank transfer when they are picked up.

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